Frank Harris

Hi! I was a co-founder of Radico, a Group Product Manager at Etsy, User Experience Designer at Google, & Interaction Designer/User Interface Engineer at The Washington Post. Now, I'm looking for what comes next.


May 18, 2014

Updated 5/31: Is Facebook your jam? If so, like our Facebook Page and stay up-to-date with showtimes in your news feed.

I'm proud to announce my latest side project, @NYCSummerFilms.

@NYCSummerFilms tweets daily free summer movie showings in NYC. The dataset includes 20+ film series, 30+ venues, 200+ movies, and 230+ showtimes. This effort extends my earlier work on building a unified free movie calendar.

The data is available in the following calendar formats:

So far, @NYCSummerFilms includes:

If you know of other film festivals or have any other tips, let me know!

Enjoy the show(s).

May 15, 2014

Updated 5/17/2014: Added Films on the Green and Front/Row Cinema at South Street Seaport Pier. I've also created a dedicated Twitter account, @NYCSummerFilms to tweet same day reminders.

Further updates will be captured on this page.

One of the best things about New York City — and one that I never take full advantage of — is the wide array of free outdoor movies during the summer.

Based on Kottke's suggestion, I aggregated over a dozen venues and nearly more than a hundred movies into a single calendar. Each calendar entry features a brief synopsis, a link to the trailer and details about the venue or series.

The calendar is available in the following formats:

Enjoy the show(s).

Feb 02, 2014

I purchased nearly 13 years ago. I was a junior in college, and focused on getting a job and graduating, in that order.

It would be 8 months later before I would launch my first site. Then months before graduation, it transitioned to a portfolio site bolstering my much sought after experience (emphasis mine).

The portfolio site ended up getting me a job at The Washington Post — mostly because the hiring manager found the domain intriguing and felt the site was worth a cursory look.

Since then, I’ve worked at Google and Etsy building web products delighting and infuriating at times passionate users. But, I never found the time to maintain my personal website beyond a simple "Welcome!" page or until more recently a redirect to my profile page.

For the last decade, each year I would renew my domain and daydream about content. Sometimes it would be in blog form, other times music or pictures. I researched technologies and even switch web hosts seasonally thinking that was the missing piece, but knowing full well it wasn't.

I never planned on keeping the domain for as long as I have but at this point it seems like a shame to give it up.

Late last year, I left Etsy to do a startup with some good friends. I now have less time than I've ever had before, but in a weird way it seems like the perfect time to collect my thoughts regularly, so I don't go insane.

Here goes nothing.